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DL Metal Design was proud to be a part of Primark Ltd. USA expansion as it opened multiple new locations in 2022-2023. These projects consisted of ornamental stainless and glass railings along with full height custom stainless and glass partition walls. After proving our quality and project value on the Philadelphia Downtown Store the contractor hired us for two subsequent projects in the region. With these additional projects came added scope that included custom metal mirrors, secure glass and money drawer partitions, custom glass vision panels, textured metal wall panels, and a variety of interior metal and glass products.

Project Value: $628,212.00


Like many ornamental level projects, the challenges often live in the early planning stages to make sure all trade partners are on the same page as our products begin to come together onsite. Like any project, we spend a lot of time digging through the sections and details to determine what is the driving force for the architect’s vision and what trade coordination is paramount for a successful project. Early in the project it was clear that the existing conditions would create hardships since the floor was not level from one end to the other. Through multiple surveys and coordinated trade layouts we were able to come up with multiple solutions to get the carpenters, floor finishing contractor, and ourselves modeled and working from an agreed benchmark grid to end up with a perfect finished system.

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