Ewing Town Center

  • Ewing Town Center


ETC is a project that converted an old abandoned manufacturing site into a thriving residential and retail town center. The focal point of the town center is their community clubhouse. For this project DL Metal was contracted to help with the design and fabrication of multiple custom canopies, interior column covers, custom furniture, and skylight surrounds to give this amenity space a grand feel for the residents and local community. Through close coordination and attention to detail DL Metal Design completed multiple metal items that became the main focus and added character to both the inside and outside of the building.

Project Value: $152,000


This project had various challenges, but one of the biggest issues was creating large structural canopies within a completed framework without changing the aesthetic vision the architect was trying to achieve. To surpass this obstacle, we had to create very low-profile custom connections that created rigid supports and made it look like the canopies cantilevered from the building without any posts or a multitude of support braces. This was all achieved with our in-house project management, manufacturing, and design and engineering teams who work seamlessly through issues to come up with practical solutions to any problem. At DL Metal we pride ourselves on being the partner that comes to the table with options and not just questions on how things will be achieved.

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